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Expanding – The second exhibition of Belma Tvico

By: Belma Tvico | December 29, 2021

Multisensory, theatrical, imaginative – that’s how we would describe “Expanding”, a fashion exhibition that took place in the magnificent space of Sarajevo’s Java gallery. It was a unique fusion of fashion and art, created in collaboration with artist Taida Jašarević-Hefford – a dreamy experience filled with fantasy that evokes almost tangible links between two completely related worlds.

„Expanding“ is an exhibition that looks back at the past, adapting it to the present, while simultaneously exploring the complexity woven into the longing for a more humane, meaningful, and just world.  Interwoven into square forms, fragments of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich past and its cultural and historical heritage tell a story of continuity and persistence. The characters of Bosančica, the medieval Bosnian letter, have long been ingrained in the design ethos of the Belma Tvico brand. Revived on silk canvas, entwined into unique patterns, the characters appear in different shapes and forms ─ testifying to identity, belonging, and love.

Tvico once again showed multidimensionality and a multidisciplinary approach to her work. The boundaries between fashion and art are blurring. This is how she introduces us to her reality, one where light and dark intertwine on the surface of the delicate silk fabrics she used as a medium to shape a stronger construct of fashion. This is evidenced by the strong contrast in the patterns ─ from pastel and delicate to muted and bright. Each of the patterns has its own unique name, such as Orion named after the constellation that is a symbol of spiritual power, or Expanding, after which the exhibition is named, which evolves in different and rich shades of different hues. Their messages are layered, just like the artistic expression in which they were created.

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