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Spring-Summer 2022 Press day

By: Aida Tvico | May 11, 2022

Today, in the studio of one of the most famous BiH designers, Belme Tvico, we had the opportunity to see pieces of the new collection called Metamorphosis, and Belma gave us answers to all the questions we had about the collection.

When we received the invitation, we knew that an interesting and fun event awaited us. Already at the entrance to the Belmin studio, you can feel the positive energy and creative spirit, which is also noticeable in the interior design. According to Belma herself, her studio is also enjoyed by children, and the studio and the collection often inspire them to immediately start drawing their own design. Belma and her team greeted us with a smile, and we were excited to see what kind of pieces Belma will present to us this time.

At first glance at the collection, we immediately notice the vibrant color palette, which seems to say: “It’s time for spring and adding color to our combinations.” The collection is dominated by orange, purple and blue shades, while there are pieces in basic black and white. Many pieces of the collection can be combined into casual, but also elegant editions.

Thus, one Belma Tvico top is perfectly combined with trousers that together look like overalls, and you can combine the same trousers and top with other pieces from the collection, as well as with items from your wardrobe.

Belma then adds through the conversation: “For the upcoming season, I am redefining classic pieces from my rich fashion opus: clothes that embody structure and sophistication. I want to give my wife the power of choice: cropped blazers that she combines with layered palazzo pants, two-piece short suits, dresses and skirts of medium length, tight bodysuits, corsets and casual capes. Continuous evolution is at the heart of my approach to fashion. Architectural cuts and elegant style are my recognizable signature as I step into the next phase of my two-decade fashion journey.

We also asked how she will continue to present the collection, and Belma says that she has a great desire to make a fashion film, as one of her favorite ways to present the collection. In addition to editorials and online stores, Belma revealed to us that her team is preparing for export and placement in foreign markets, and this information will surely delight ladies from the region.

He reveals to us that he can already say with certainty that we will see some of these pieces on the red carpet of the Sarajevo Film Festival. She added that this year, as well as previous ones, she will try to create creations that reflect this collection in a completely customizable custom way, and she says with a smile that she already has a slight nervousness in front of the red carpet.

In the end, she told us that she sees the lady wearing Belma Tvico design as strong, confident but also fragile, gentle, subtle, romantic, playful and curious. If you decide to visit the Belma Tvico studio, at Telali 7 in Sarajevo, we are sure that you will feel the positive energy and choose a piece for yourself.