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Spring-Summer 2020 Press day

By: Belma Tvico | March 16, 2020

Belma Tvico is a fashion conceptualist. The attention to conceptual design in her work is a silent revolution. As she continually embraces an innovative approach to fashion, in keeping with her personal philosophy and aesthetic, Belma Tvico explores fashion beyond its ephemerality. From season to season, there is a cultural shift in her work as she insists on a holistic approach to her collections. This includes development of radically novel fabrics and fabric sculpting, characterized by fashion dualism− a careful fusion of art and fashion.

Belma Tvico’s Spring Summer 2020 collection has, most definitely, filtered from couture. Couture acts as a creative catalyst in her work, a way in which something utterly wearable must possess a quality of uniqueness and exclusivity. There is a strong need to design fabrics, not only clothes, in order to distinguish herself from the crowd. High-quality and highly symbolic textiles fuse what is in the ethos of her design: rich cultural and historical heritage, love for colours, and conceptual ideas developed from her strong artistic background.

For Spring Summer 2020 Belma Tvico uses a combination of intuition, understanding and trend forecasting to develop a collection that exudes timeless elegance, subtlety and innovation. The mere fact that she so easily combines seemingly contrasting materials is fundamental to the development of her unique garments. Traditional, structural textiles are paired with sheer, light, and artistically enriched body-hugging materials. It is an exciting development both in Belma Tvico’s work and contemporary fashion, in general. As a continuation of her last season’s work, the new collection reflects art, history and culture. Belma Tvico makes a statement that projects individuality, personality and class. She sculpts the female body into different forms and structures in order to represent a new type of woman: a doyenne with a modern charm.

There is a vision and imagination that Belma Tvico lives through her garments into the realm of garment making in order to deliver her message and personal views. She is deeply connected to the craft of making clothes. Sleeves and collars may be altered, added or removed. Linings can easily be worn as outerwear, designed as a hidden artwork. The length of her dresses, skirts and shorts vary based on style. The colour palette infuses monochromatic and modern classics with sunwashed shades and vibrant multi-hued combinations. Nods to couture come through finishing touches made entirely by hand, and the overall artistic feel achieved through unique patterns and prints. Custom-designed prints that embody the medieval Bosnian letter Bosančica have already become Belma Tvico’s recognizable signature. The need to incorporate cultural and historical heritage into her work has once more pushed her to design a collection that surpasses trends, transforms classical shapes, and captures the essence of femininity− one inherently peaceful and enticing. She exaggerates the dimensions of the letter forms, lending each character an architectural grandeur. Asymmetry without confusion, sharpness and definition, neatness and cleanliness of the shapes are making the traditional forms modern again. 

Divided into four different segments− formal workwear, casual elegance, artsy chic and black tie− Spring Summer 2020 collection is a coherent collection that follows a woman’s path in every respect. Belma Tvico woman is multifaceted. She is both fragile and strong, soft and fierce, intuitive and reasoned. Following them every step of the way, the Spring Summer 2020 collection is an ode to all strong women that are not afraid to be their true selves.