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Sarajevo Film Festival – Red Carpet

By: Aida Tvico | August 26, 2022

On the eve of the opening of the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival, Belma Tvico studio was awash with needles and threads, rushing up final touches on the gowns created for the red carpet of the most renowned regional film festival. 

Models Džejla Glavović and Aida Jahić, actress Dženita Imamović, and TV presenters Naida Kundurović and Maja Čengić were selected to be this year’s ambassadors of Belma Tvico brand on the recognizable, traditional Bosnian red carpet that lead to the entrance of the National theater of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The gowns and a jumpsuit created for the occasion were versatile in order to embody different types of energies and characters of the women who graced them. From monochrome tones, through custom-made patterns, to bright, coral tones, the designs had one mutual thread: the eternal pursuit of Belma Tvico for the essence of femme fatale

Belma Tvico designs stood out on the red carpet as recognizable forms, testifying to the unique creative signature of the brand.