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Redefining Fashion Excellence in Turkey

By: Belma Tvico | July 12, 2023

Belma Tvico, the Bosnian fashion powerhouse, is making waves in the Turkish fashion world. Her recent work, inspired by Bosnian tradition, dazzled at a high-profile event in Bodrum’s luxurious Lujo Hotel. The fusion of modern design and traditional patterns inspired by Bosančica took center stage, celebrating both fashion and Bosnia’s rich cultural and historical heritage. 

Following this triumph, Belma Tvico launched a pop-up corner at Istanbul’s thriving fashion spot – Brandroom Emaar Square – giving fashion enthusiasts a taste of timeless elegance with a traditional twist. 

This fall, Belma Tvico continues her journey, becoming the first Bosnian fashion brand to gain significant popularity and visibility in Turkey. Don’t miss her rise in the Turkish fashion arena.