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Coral sunset printed silk scarf



Every sunset is also a sunrise. The gift of life, embodied in this duality, promises to illuminate the path of possibility. For Belma Tvico, the possibilities are endless. The undertone of this unique silk scarf, in both design and symbolics, is inspired by the Hesperides ─ the three nymphs of the evening and golden light of sunsets. Belma Tvico revived the ancient Greek myth of the nymphs of the west and the inexplicable, glaring magic of the golden hour. Represented as beautiful, slender maidens, with arms lovingly intertwined, they are draped in garments of an ethereal fabric, portraying every gentle emotion of the heart which vents itself in grace, modesty, and purity of mind and soul. Belma Tvico worked with an exciting palette of magenta, coral, flamingo, fiery rose, punch, and ruby, all framed by deep hues of Tyrian purple to mimic a celestial sunset. The Coral Sunset silk scarf not only represents the splendid beauty but is rather a diaphanous fashion accessory that elicits gaiety and joy.

  • Magenta, coral, flamingo, fiery rose, ruby
  • 100% silk
  • Dry clean
  • Color: Coral Sunset
  • Size: 180 x 70 cm