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Blue sunset silk scarf



Sunsets are mysterious. They have a sense of calmness and peculiarity about them. To Belma Tvico, they serve as a metaphor for a human life: birth and rebirth, beginning and completion, light and darkness. Designed in a mixture of warm colors – cyan blue, deep iris, and soft amaranth rose ─ the Blue Sunset silk scarf is the epitome of calmness and lightness of sultry summer nights. As the sun sets below the horizon, its reflection serves as the last gasp of beauty before the death of the day. Lustre in its essence, the Blue Sunset radiates hope, weaving a thread of optimism in a challenging world of today. Using fashion as a form of escapism, Belma Tvico stays afloat even in the most challenging of times. Born from Tvico’s longing for the turquoise sea, The Blue Sunset is a fashionable plunge into the deep blue underwater space where intuition strengthens, and daydreams become more vivid.

  • Cyan blue, deep iris, and soft amaranth rose
  • 100% silk
  • Dry clean
  • Color: Blue sunset
  • Size: 90×90 cm