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Andromeda silk scarf

105,00 200,00 


She is our closest galactic neighbor, a barred spiral galaxy adorned with hues of golden stardust and heavenly deep purples. Our print remains abstract and geometrical, intricately lined in what may appear chaotic, yet within its essence, it conceals a symmetry that is unparalleled. Andromeda emerges as one of our season’s favorites – mirroring its inspiration, best viewed against dark skies on a moonless night. An eternal emblem of faith, hope, and enchantment.

  • Royal blue and dusty gold
  • 100% silk
  • Dry clean
  • Color: Andromeda
  • Size: 90×90 cm

105,00 200,00 

Sizes (EU)
140x140 cm 90x90 cm
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