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Aelia silk scarf

105,00 200,00 


Aelia, shrouded in mystery and dense speculation, has provided Belma Tvico with ample imaginative fuel and a palette of colors and shades to create this spectacular silk scarf that appears otherworldly, yet remains firmly rooted to the earth. The colorway of Aelia scarf reflects its celestial inspiration, beginning with soft hues of pink that gradually deepen into richer tones. The pattern, reminiscent of stardust, draws the eye inward and outward simultaneously, while skillful accents of yellow frame the scarf and enhance its celestial allure.

  • Brown, dusky  pink, and yellow
  • 100% silk
  • Dry clean
  • Color: Aelia
  • Size: 90×90 cm and 140×140 cm

105,00 200,00 

Sizes (EU)
140x140 cm 90x90 cm
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