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Freedom Echoes – The Fourth Exhibition of Belma Tvico

By: Belma Tvico | January 5, 2024

At the close of 2023, Belma Tvico organized an exhibition in Sarajevo that celebrated more than fashion. Centered around the theme of freedom, the exhibition Freedom Echoes, organized at the Manifesto gallery and in collaboration with Taida Jašarević, delved into the profound aspects of being free, feeling free, and demanding freedom as an absolute imperative. This unique showcase celebrated not only the visionary work of Belma Tvico but also the work of her collaborators: five exceptional photographers who gave their take on the exhibition theme. 

Freedom Echoes serves as a testament to Tvico’s relentless pursuit of movement and freedom through her unique and layered designs. Freedom, as explored in this exhibition, exists in the absence of restraints – a profound truth echoing through the corridors of both individual consciousness and societal norms. 

Belma Tvico’s designs, as represented in these photographs, become a mirror reflecting the myriad facets of freedom, from personal liberty to the moral imperatives that guide our ethical compass. Freedom Echoes gravitates towards the concept of artistic liberty, as well. The exhibition gives a new life to the iconic garments, as they become a living canvas for profound expression. The photographers participating in the exhibition bear witness to Tvico’s commitment to fostering an environment where artistic freedom reigns supreme – unfettered by any constraints.