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Belma Tvico now available in exclusive Lujo hotel in Turkey

By: Aida Tvico | September 17, 2021

For the last couple of years, Belma Tvico-Stambol is one of the most successful fashion designers from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey that is slowly being recognized as an important fashion destination. 

Aside from the music scene, Belma Tvico brand is present in Turkish film and TV production. Some of the most popular and known TV faces, actresses Hande Erçel, Ceyda Ateş Toplusoy, Şevval Sam, Şebnem Dönmez, and Merve Dizdar, amaze the TV audience with their stunning acting performances in Belma Tvico outfits. In TV shows, in which they star as leading roles, they portray stories about love, life challenges, courage and persistance. In a hit TV show Sen Çal Kapimi, Erçel appeared in a shirt with signature Bosančica print, designed as a part of the SS 2019 collection. In one of the episodes of TV show Coçuk, Toplusoy opted for a unisex shirt with Bosančica print from the recent SS 2020 collection. 

Recently, Belma Tvico started a new cooperation with the newly opened Lujo concept store located within the renowned hotel in Turkey – Lujo Hotel.

As part of their exclusive store, which features numerous Turkish fashion brands and designers, guests can now buy models from the current Belma Tvico collection for spring / summer 2021, which are inspired by the timeless poetry of Mak Dizdar. Also on offer are statement pieces, such as bodies, dresses and blouses, designed in a recognizable Bosnian pattern, as well as couture suits and unique accessories such as unique silk scarves and pareas for the beach.