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Belma Tvico held her third exhibition – Metamorphosis

By: Aida Tvico | August 26, 2022

On Thursday, August 18, Belma Tvico hosted a solo exhibition titled „Metamorphosis“ in the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Referring to the theme of rebirth, through the display of seven creations, exhibited tête-à-tête with silk scarves designed in collaboration with artist Taida Jašarević, Belma Tvico searches for the essence of life by exploring its four elements ─ water, air, earth, and fire ─ and the concept of their cyclic renewal. 

Belma Tvico is a fashion designer that continually seeks to create a synergy between two seemingly different worlds: art and fashion. The exhibited dresses are different, yet harmonious. They are the testaments of the design metamorphosis in Belma Tvico’s work. Various patterns are interwoven on silk canvases, awakening the strength and power of female energy and embodying the notion of eternal movement.  “Metamorphosis” was organized by the Association Tradition and Culture, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Canton Sarajevo and the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports. The moment of the exhibition coincides with the date of the Sarajevo Film Festival, which sends a message that different types of art can coexist in a complementary way. All of the exhibited dresses graced the red carpets of many film festivals, including those in Sarajevo, Venice, and Cannes. 

This unique merger of film, fine art, and fashion reminds us of the necessity of mutual cooperation and appreciation, while “Metamorphosis” confirms that fashion is only a reflection of the endlessly inspiring world that surrounds us.