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Ana Rucner staged a spectacle at Srđ in Dubrovnik wearing Belma Tvico

By: Aida Tvico | June 21, 2022

Just like fashion is imprinted upon Belma Tvico’s soul, cello ─ the sublime hourglass instrument─ is imprinted upon Ana Rucner’s heart. The statuesque silhouette of the world-renown Croatian cellist served as an inspiration for Tvico who envisioned Rucner wrapped up in the layers of strikingly joyful, elegant, and delicate pieces, designed in the brand’s signature Expanding and Bosančica prints. 

For the twelfth year in a row, Rucner staged a musical spectacle in Srđ hillside in Dubrovnik, performing at the crack of dawn in the ethereal amphitheater of Excelsa Real Estate alongside the harmony-singing group St. Mihovil. The event traditionally took place on the day of summer solstice and the World Music Day. Rucner performed in two Belma Tvico outfits: a three-piece Expanding ensemble and a two-piece Bosančica ensemble.

Ana Rucner opted for a corset an abaya, both designed in custom Expanding print that, true to its name, expands in different shades of orange, fuchsia, soft nude, and a touch of black. This modern-day cape shields from the outside world, providing comfort in a rather unconventional manner. She paired the two with classic, wide-cut, white palazzo pants. 

Both looks complimented the unparalleled beauty of the famed cellist, whose energy mirrored the vibrance in Belma Tvico’s work. 

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