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About the brand and the designer


About the Designer

Belma Tvico, the oldest of three children, was born in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She immersed into the world of fashion at a young age, observing closely the work of her aunt who worked as a seamstress.  She learned construction and sewing techniques as a young girl, and later strengthened her theoretical and practical knowledge at the Faculty of Technical Engineering, Department of Textile Technology. Her first semi-couture collection, presented in Sarajevo, defined what will later become the philosophy of Belma Tvico brand and her fashion persona− feminine contours defined by exquisitely constructed garments. Upon leaving Sarajevo, she continued to carve her fashion path in Istanbul where she was appointed as head designer of Big Star Jeans company. There she was able to expand her expertise in textile design and creating unique pattern styles. Thirteen years ago, upon her return home, she established her eponymous brand and gradually became a real icon of fashion design in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Today, she regularly presents her collections in showrooms in Sarajevo, Paris and Milan.


About the Brand

Belma Tvico brand aims to present silhouettes that exhibit effortless grace, highlighting the sumptuous layering that lies in every woman. Different styles are inspired by nature and fractal, kaleidoscopic imagery. Although different, they possess the same qualities: timelessness and accentuated femininity as the essence. From season to season, Belma Tvico adds playfulness to the looks by investigating opposing sensibilities, such as delicacy and crudeness, or flexibility and constraint. Belma Tvico offers unparalleled quality. The end result is always beautiful clothing that can often be perceived as work of art. Every detail is carefully studied, nothing is left to chance. A constant atmosphere of elegance emerges from her collections: Belma Tvico makes a point of honour to emphasize the eternal femininity of a woman through cuts that are impeccable. She amplifies the natural glamour that each woman possesses while remaining comfortable, and at ease. Aside from ready-to-wear and couture collections, Belma Tvico offers tailor-made experience and a separate, bridal collection.