• The Designer

    As the founder of the House, Belma Tvico is not just a couturier. A chameleon of style, intoxicatig passion and audacious in her approach makes her multi - faceted charachter.

  • Inside Tvico

    Born in Sarajevo on March 1st 1985, the oldest of three children. Her aunt worked as a seamstress from whom young Belma learned the trade and made clothes for her dolls.

  • The Atelier

    Tvico`s creations are all made at her studio. Every piece is carefully checked by the designer.

  • Collection

    Collections include ready-to-wear, couture and bridal.

  • Familiarity with customers

    Every woman coming out of the Belma Tvico store is surprised by her kindness, warm welcome and the full commitment that she gives to the women who have chosen to have a dress with her label.