The bridal collection is a special collection made with care and a passion very true to our designer Belma Tvico. The wedding dresses that make this collection are rich with detailed handiwork, which make them unique and perfect for every bride to wear at her own Cinderella dream wedding. The intention was to give the clients the feeling of uniqueness and particularity. For some of these wedding dresses it took more than hundreds of hours to make them unique and perfect. The collection ranges from short dresses to long gowns. 

Dresses are complemented with handmade silk roses and flowers. The color scheme for this collection spans from pure white, ivory, and beige, although beige dominates this bridal collection. The collection is a combination of traditional elements and the avant-garde, while the shapes and lines of these wedding dresses go from elegant and sexy to simple and traditional with the wedding accent which is the synonym for a modern approach to the classic style. With impeccable fit and fabrics, this collection is for the most discerning of brides.